Student Program


ENGLISH: Our Marist English project: A Bridge to the World, continues to advance and initiates the transition to bilingualism, consolidating strategic alliances with national and international companies and thus providing spaces for local, national and international immersion in the language.
In addition, it favors environments conducive to developing the communicative skills of our students.

Towards bilingualism

International exams:

Our alliance with Smart, a certified testing house, allows us to accompany our students in the registration and presentation of the Cambridge Assessment international test. The results obtained certify the level of English proficiency and are validated worldwide, which opens possibilities for national and international study.


Seeking to respond to current needs, our school begins the transition to bilingualism with training in English and CLIL for all teachers from preschool to third grade, intensification of English classes, counseling for our teachers, strategic alliances, programming of institutional immersion activities and academic opportunities abroad.

Immersion programs in Canada:

Academic opportunities in Canada to improve English communication skills in a multicultural, fun, and safe environment by participating in summer camps and academic dual degree or internship programs in Canada.


Our English teachers, based on continuous training, turn the classroom into a space of constant interaction and opportunities for real and effective contact with the English language. Marist’s innovative educational approach is evidenced by class sections that foster social and communicative skills in our students.


Cambridge Platform: a tool that takes advantage of friendly and targeted design, gamification, as well as relevant content to keep students motivated to practice in the language outside the classroom.

Los estudiantes de grado once podrán cursar materias de su carrera preferida en universidades aliadas al colegio en el segundo semestre. Es un programa opcional con cupos limitados y trámites directos o con articulación con el colegio. Se busca brindar apoyo en la toma de decisiones sobre su futuro académico.